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Team Building

Team Building or Team Bonding?

Team Building and Team Bonding are not the same thing. They each have their purpose. At Brainstorm Escape Games, you get the best of both worlds. And when you put both together, you get something even better:

1,000 SF indoor/outdoor private "Party Warehouse" for larger available!


Team Building:

  • Centered around a specific goal or outcome – in this case, escaping the room within an hour!
  • Includes a period of reflection on the experience – we have a conference room and offer facilitated and unfacilitated meeting space after your escape room adventure
  • Transferable back to the workplace, school or organization – the experience followed by reflection leads to actual team growth!

Team Bonding:

  • Centered around the simple goal of having a good time
  • Does not include any reflection time
  • Outside of improved morale or comeraderie, there’s no specifically transferable result

Team Development:

  • Brainstorm Escape Games provides a great opportunity for companies to bring their team together. Whether it’s a sales team, a marketing department, production, accounting, HR, or multiple departments coming together, companies learn a lot about their teams and the people that make up those teams by observing them in an escape room.
  • We offer companies the opportunity to see who is a leader, who is a problem solver, who is analytical, who is creative, and who is a communicator.
  • And the process of trying to escape a room results in a memorable bonding experience that will bring your team closer!

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