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What is an Escape Game?

What's an Escape Room Like?

An escape game is a challenging, hands on adventure where you and a small group of people are trapped* in a room and must escape within 60 minutes. You'll be deciphering clues, cracking codes, and solving riddles before time runs out!

If you've never taken part in an escape room adventure, prepare to become hooked! It's a safe, challenging and all around entertaining experience for families, groups of friends, date night, sports teams, organizations, and corporate outings. If you enjoy brainteasers, mysteries, puzzles, and challenges of that nature, this is for you.

At Brainstorm Escape Games we have 4 challenging rooms.

You can click here to visit our rooms page and watch the videos:

Our Rooms

Whether you're an Area 51 conspiracy theorist, a catacombs crusader, a CSI detective, or a time traveling technology enthusiast, there's a fun, entertaining experience waiting for you at Brainstorm Escape Games. Book your escape room adventure now and escape the mundane!

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